Spark Services Internet Scam

The following info regarding scam emails relating to Spark internet services is reprinted courtesy of SeniorNet Ashburton.

Spark Scam

             One of our members sent me a screen shot of an email she received from “Spark”. The email is on the following page. For security purposes, I have removed the recipient’s details.

The first question is: How do you identify this email as a scam. Have a look yourself and see how many errors in the email. The answer is – well – we will tell you on September 1st at 1.30pm

Question two: To take a screen shot. On a Windows device, hold down the Windows Key and press the Print Screen Button. This will take a photo of the screen and save it in your PICTURES Folder. On a smart phone, refer to your August newsletter.

And question three – what do I do now? In the case of Spark, you go to their website and look for reporting a scam. The address is With this address, you can attach the screen shot, write a short message and send it.

For the bottom line, you never, never, never, ever, never ever touch or click a link on any scam.

The email our member received follows. And, Spark’s reply is below the screen shot.

From Spark:

Hi Robin,

Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

We have received multiple reports from other customers that they’re receiving the same email. We are now investigating this.

For the meantime, please delete any emails like this. I would also suggest to never open any email attachments and do not respond to the email. Do not visit the website in the email. More importantly, do not enter any information into any website.

Alternatively, you may also contact our chat support team at

Also be aware of a scam from NZ Post saying they were unable to deliver your parcel and require you to make a payment to complete delivery. Unfortunately, NZ Post does not have a direct scam reporting link – they direct you to NetSafe and DIA (Internal Affairs) to do their work. Lazy devils.

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